Family Law in Perth has never been more personal or easier.

Perth Family Lawyers is a premier Australian law firm practising exclusively in the area of family law. By practising exclusively in this area, we are able to assist our clients in all their family law needs and we are Perth's leading family law firm.

The directors of Perth Family Lawyers are Melissa Raftis and Nicola Bowen. Both our directors are well experienced and highly regarded in the field of family law. Perth Family Lawyers always takes a client focused approach to all our clients' cases. We aim to always deliver effective, expedient and meaningful solutions. The Directors are supported by a team of highly competent, hand picked staff who are also committed to excellent service in the area of family law.

Perth Family Lawyers are able to assist our clients in all areas of family law including divorce, property settlement, childrens' issues, maintenance and child support. We also provide services in the area of restraining orders, which commonly arise in Family Court proceedings. We offer our clients expert advice and representation in restraining order matters as with all family law issues. We also provide advice in the area of child protection.

Family Law Assistance Wherever You Live

Perth Family Lawyers represents Australian clients throughout the country, both locally and interstate. We are also able to represent overseas clients in Australian proceedings. Distance is no obstacle in representing clients wherever they live.

It must be recognized that when someone needs a family lawyer it is because of a crisis in their life. It has been said that after death in a family, changes to the family by way of separation or divorce is the second greatest cause of stress. Here at Perth Family Lawyers, we are always conscious that dealing with family law matters can be extremely stressful. You need time to think and you also need quality advice that does not play on your emotions. Naturally, it is essential that strategies are designed to achieve the best possible outcome for you at the minimum expense.

Perth Family Lawyers is operated by two empathetic women who specialize in the practice of family law. Although the practice is run by two women, this does not mean we are not sympathetic to the plight of many men in family law matters and enquiries are invited from anyone with a family law matter to be resolved.

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