family law Family Dispute Resolution Service

On Friday 18 August 2017 the Federal Attorney-General announced a funding package of almost $10 million to assist with family dispute resolution. Perth will be one of the eight locations around Australia to pilot a new family dispute resolution service. Just over $6 million will be utilised towards the pilots.

This pilot is a part of the government’s $100 million commitment to reduce family violence, aiming to provide support to separated families, and to assist parents avoiding litigation in Court, and to improve outcomes from mediation.


In addition to the commitment for the pilots for family dispute resolution, close to $4 million will be directed to Children’s Contact Services across the country. Children’s Contact Services offer supervised time between parents (or others) and children, and also support families in high conflict by offering assistance with handover of children, such that children are shielded from being exposed to conflict between their parents.

If you require any assistance negotiating time with your children, or wish to consider the possibility of your family benefiting from accessing a Children’s Contact Service, you should consult with one of our experienced and dedicated family lawyers at Perth Family Lawyers. 

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