You often hear people complaining about lawyers, accountants and doctors not returning calls and not really being interested in their clients. Such conversations can often be heard at social occasions where people are fed up with the disdainful attitude of some professionals.

Here at Perth Family Lawyers, we are dedicated to delivering excellent client service.


Dealing with any family law issue is difficult enough without the added frustration of having a lawyer that you can rarely get to speak to or that fails to return emails or phone calls. Even worse if they fail to deliver on promises to complete work within agreed and promised time frames.

At Perth Family Lawyers, we keep you informed of the processes, the costs involved and the likely outcomes.  If we say we will have work done by a certain time, you can be assured it will be completed.

A vital part of an effective working relationship between a client and their family law solicitor is close communication. Accordingly, we aim to return telephone calls and emails within 24 hours.

If you are seeking a family law solicitor that will work with you through your family law matter and that you can speak with when you require, then call us here at Perth Family Lawyers. You see, by delivering on our commitment to service, hopefully we will be talked about at your next social event, but in a positive light as professionals who actually do deliver on their promise of service.

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